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About Me

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Hello my name is LaWanda Redmond. I am a wife, mother, sister, daughter, and friend. I am an entrepreneur and the Owner/CEO at ReZilyent Consulting LLC. and ReZilyent Mke INC. (Non-Profit). With over 24 years of experience working with youth, at risk youth, families, homeless population, individuals with mental/physical health disabilities, as a Correctional Officer, case manager, and in outreach ministry. This is My Ministry!!


I have a LOVE for people! I am extremely passionate about helping others and I am driven to Be The IMPACT, Be The DIFFERENCE, Be The CHANGE = which results in BEING REZILYENT (Resilient) across the world! The name ReZilyent (Resilient) was chosen as it is a WORD that simply defines and reflects myself and my life’s journey leading to this point. I am here to encourage and empower others to get to the next level in their life, through providing Coaching (Life, Spiritual, Business), Motivational Speaking, Empowerment Facilitator, Supportive Services, Youth Development, Supportive Housing, Outreach Ministry, and so much more!


My ReZilyent motto is:

It’s not what the situation looks like, it’s how you respond to it!

-Coach Redmond











My Approach

Life coaching is the process of coming alongside a client seeking to make a change and helping them discover the solution through asking thought provoking, open ended questions. The Key in coaching is to encourage the client to solve the problem for themselves, because in the "ah-ah" moment is the secret to change.

Coaches don't tell clients what to do but walks with them in the solution-focused journey. As Christians, this process is bathed in prayer, faithand in heeding the Holy Spirit's leading.

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